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Mysafe - the story

Do you need some help or see some cool stuff with our mysafe solution? We have ready videos to help you work with mysafe app. Or give you good tips and tricks, how to manage better work with mysafe app.

In the beginning
In the beginning, there was an effort to produce a safe that would meet customer requirements, would be smart, and the owner would have an overview of who handles the safe, how and when. Because the safemakers are terribly conservative, the standards are relentless and new solutions are not wanted, everyone dissuaded us from this idea and no one believed that there would be a certified product at the end.
Where everything started
At Security Essen 2018, we presented a safe, control of the lock using an app, equipped with a camera for sensing the surroundings. You could say that everything really started here. Thanks to his enthusiasm and perfect knowledge of electronic locks, Ludwig Kersten began to collaborate on the project. We agreed with TECNOSICUREZZA - the most modern and best manufacturer of safe locks. Thanks to his support, in the fall of 2019 we had a working prototype of our comm unit and we transferred events from the safe lock to the PC.
Pantented solution
In 2020, we registered our solution as a patent. We obtained two patents in the Czech Republic at the end of 2020. In 2022, we filed patent applications for Europe and the USA.
Complete solution
At Security Essen 2022, we presented a complete managing and control solution for a electronic safe lock. We had a server connection, an app and a comm unit.
New functionalities
In the course of 2023, we improved the comm unit, we added various functionalities, such as a temperature sensor, motion sensor, etc.. The entire comm unit was developed by the PAPOUCH company which still produce this for us.
EN 1300:2018
In autumn 2023, we took the entire MySafe solution to Italy, to the laboratory ISTITUTO GIORDANO, with the aim of obtaining certification according to EN 1300:2018.
Year 2024
Now, Spring 2024 and our mysafe solution: - ECB-s certificate, class B according to EN 1300:2018 - US patent - patent pending in Europe - two patents in the Czech Republic - our own server - the MySafe app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play - member of the International Physical Security Association - ESSA We continue to develop and implement certified door locks from ELOCK2 into our mysafe solution.
We continue to upgrade our app solution by adding more security devices, like a door locks, sensors, cameras and more...