Why mysafe

Certified high security solutions

MySafe is the only application in the world that connects different certified high security devices and allows the user to manage and control them online and evaluate risks in real time. In addition, since all informations are available on the phone using the mysafe application, it is possible to set the mutual interaction of individual devices and this have a perfect overview of all activities and events.

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If you own and use a safe

If you own and use a safe, it may be worth considering whether the MySafe solution is suitable for you. If you answer YES to any point, you may need mysafe solution. One times you try this, you will want it.


I have a safe at home and I want to know online who opened the safe, when and for how long. Or he just tried to open it. I want to have an online overview.


I have a gun safe and it would be convenient for me to always know if, for example, children are trying to get into the gun safe.


I have a cottage in the mountains / an apartment by the sea. I have documents and some valuables stored in the safe. It's good to have an online overview, especially when I'm not on site.


I am a business owner, employees use a safe and I have noticed that they mostly use one code to open the safe. I want to be organized when using the safe and thus prevent possible damage. I want to check online wherever I am.


I am a branch network / store / bank manager. I want to have an overview and complete control over important documents and I want to use a convenient and modern solution, e.g. to block the safe remotely, set a time lock simply using the application, receive a push notification when something happens.


I am head of office / school. Due to the GDPR, it is good to have all the informations about data handling online, immediately available, and I also know which person opened the safe, when and for how long.


I want to look back at events, even several years ago. One particular day, one particular person. I want unlimited audit.


I want to connect my safe with other security features at home / at work.


I have a battery safe, or battery charging cupboard for E-bike. If the internal temperature rises, I don't want to endanger myself or anyone else, and I would like the safe to automatically block in such a case and not be able to be opened uncontrollably.

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