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Network settings


How to check your network settings

NOTE: To configure the MySafe COMM Unit you need a router (AP) that allows devices to connect to the network using WI-FI (mobile phone, tablet) and at the same time an Ethernet port (COMM Unit MySafe)

Case 1 – use of a portable Router (AP) dedicated to MySafe system

In the menu of the router, set the network values as follow

  • Gateway:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • DHCP range: – 170

This way the default network settings of MySafe ( never need to be change

Case 2 – local area network (LAN/WLAN)

  • Set COMM Unit to DHCP (see technical manual page 23)
  • Connect mobile phone to local network (WIFI)
  • Use IP scanning application (download free from Apple store/Google play)
  • Connect the safe/COMM unit with LAN cable to local network
  • Check on IP scanner the assigned IP address for MySafe (the new device) in the network
  • Enter IP-address shown in the scanner app into the MySafe app